West Virginia Area Code, United States

Find the real owner of someone with a 304 West Virginia area code

West Virginia area code

West Virginia became a US state in 1863 and since grown to become an energy powerhouse and key state in US politics. Nearly 2 million people live in West Virginia and use at least one phone number for private or business purposes. You can find an unknown caller’s general location by looking at the area code. However, additional information such as the person’s name and exact address is only available with a reverse phone lookup on the West Virginia phone numbers database

West Virginia started using area codes in 1947 when the telephone companies elected to retire switchboards and use area codes to connect phone number owners instead. This change led to the creation of the ten-digit phone number and the North American Numbering Plan.

Phone companies also started compiling and listing local residents’ phone numbers on white pages. These phonebooks were useful if you needed to find a person or business on your street or in a small town. With the wider adoption of phone numbers, maintaining white pages became costly and inefficient. So, phone companies stopped publishing these books entirely. 

Today, hardly would you find a physical white page, but you can still find people with their phone numbers, including unknown callers. How does this work? When a resident purchases a phone number, they are required to provide their personal information and contact details to the mobile carrier. The components of a phone number further make this information further unique to the phone number owner. 

Consider the typical West Virginia phone number, 304-NXX-XXXX. The first three digits of the phone number, the area code, represent a defined county or city in West Virginia. The next three digits, NXX, the prefix code, specify the specific town or street where the phone number owner resides. Finally, the line number, XXXX, is unique to the specific owner.

So, if the phone number were to be a house address, the line number would be a specific flat number or house number where one person lives. Many persons can have the same area code and prefix code. However, the line number is unique to a specific individual. No two persons have the same line number. This degree of specificity makes searching the West Virginia phone numbers database accurate. 

A reverse phone search will typically provide the phone number owner’s personal information, including their full name and contact address. You will also find social media profiles linked to the phone number, as well as publicly available records linked to that person.   

County FIPS code County seat Established Population Area
Barbour County001Philippi184315,465341 sq mi
Berkeley County003Martinsburg1772122,076321 sq mi
Boone County005Madison184721,809503 sq mi
Braxton County007Sutton183612,447514 sq mi
Brooke County009Wellsburg179622,55989 sq mi
Cabell County011Huntington180994,350282 sq mi
Calhoun County013Grantsville18566,229281 sq mi
Clay County015Clay18588,051342 sq mi
Doddridge County017West Union18457,808320 sq mi
Fayette County019Fayetteville183140,488664 sq mi
Gilmer County021Glenville18457,408340 sq mi
Grant County023Petersburg186610,976477 sq mi
Greenbrier County025Lewisburg177832,9771,021 sq mi
Hampshire County027Romney175423,093642 sq mi
Hancock County029New Cumberland184829,09583 sq mi
Hardy County031Moorefield178614,299583 sq mi
Harrison County033Clarksburg178465,921416 sq mi
Jackson County035Ripley183127,791466 sq mi
Jefferson County037Charles Town180157,701210 sq mi
Kanawha County039Charleston1789180,745903 sq mi
Lewis County041Weston181617,033389 sq mi
Lincoln County043Hamlin186720,463438 sq mi
Logan County045Logan182432,567454 sq mi
McDowell County047Welch185819,111535 sq mi
Marion County049Fairmont184256,205310 sq mi
Marshall County051Moundsville183530,591307 sq mi
Mason County053Point Pleasant180425,453432 sq mi
Mercer County055Princeton183759,664420 sq mi
Mineral County057Keyser186626,938328 sq mi
Mingo County059Williamson189523,568423 sq mi
Monongalia County061Morgantown1776105,822361 sq mi
Monroe County063Union179912,376473 sq mi
Morgan County065Berkeley Springs182017,063229 sq mi
Nicholas County067Summersville181824,604649 sq mi
Ohio County069Wheeling177642,425106 sq mi
Pendleton County071Franklin17886,143698 sq mi
Pleasants County073Saint Marys18517,653131 sq mi
Pocahontas County075Marlinton18217,869940 sq mi
Preston County077Kingwood181834,216648 sq mi
Putnam County079Winfield184857,440346 sq mi
Raleigh County081Beckley185074,591607 sq mi
Randolph County083Elkins178727,9321,040 sq mi
Ritchie County085Harrisville18438,444454 sq mi
Roane County087Spencer185614,028484 sq mi
Summers County089Hinton187111,959361 sq mi
Taylor County091Grafton184416,705173 sq mi
Tucker County093Parsons18566,762419 sq mi
Tyler County095Middlebourne18148,313258 sq mi
Upshur County097Buckhannon185123,816355 sq mi
Wayne County099Wayne184238,982506 sq mi
Webster County101Webster Springs18608,378556 sq mi
Wetzel County103New Martinsville184614,442359 sq mi
Wirt County105Elizabeth18485,194233 sq mi
Wood County107Parkersburg179884,296367 sq mi
Wyoming County109Pineville185021,382501 sq mi